Better understand the new marketing, social and business challenges of mobile voice

Data processing in Mobile Voice Services

One of the main concerns of operators is the leakage of their customers’ data. At The Mobile Concept, we have taken a particular stand on the subject that impacts the way we process Mobile Voice Services data, and that will clearly reassure you when you work with us!
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How to differentiate yourself from other operators with voice?

Since the challenges of customer acquisition and revenue growth are the main objectives of operators, how can we achieve becoming the preferred choice of customers? What can you do when your competitor operator wants to achieve exactly the same objectives?
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Success Story : SFR (Altice)

SFR is one of the three incumbent operators in the French market, which has been part of the Altice group since 2014. Looking for a new business stream capable of meeting multiple challenges (brand image, voice, innovation and ROI) in a difficult buyout context (departure plan, reduction of resources) SFR is bringing Mobile Concept Mobile Voice Services up to date in 2017.
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25% of people in France do not have a smartphone!

This is indeed a figure that comes to mind when we talk about mobile telephony in France because it reveals a lot of information that mobile operators, including telephone operators, are often unaware of.
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