Better understand the new marketing, social and business challenges of mobile voice

23% of people in France do not have a Smartphone!

It is indeed a figure that is very interesting when we talk about mobile telephony in France because it reveals a lot of information of which the mobile players are often unaware, including the telephone operators.
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The Mobile Concept at GSMA Mobile 360 – MENA

Meet us in Dubai at the Mobile 360 – Mena exhibition organized by GSMA from 26 to 27 November 2019. With more than 400 participants from the leaders of the telecom sector, we will be present to discuss the issues and prospects of telecom operators.
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The Mobile Concept at AfricaCom 2019

Cape Town is once again hosting the largest telecommunications event on the African continent: AfricaCom 2019, which will take place from 12 to 14 November at CTICC. This year, The Mobile Concept will be present at the event with Business France alongside the French delegation of the French Tech…
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15% of French people do not use the Internet!

And yet this is the reality communicated by the official INSEE figures in their study INSEE PREMIERE n°1780 published on 30 October 2019 following the annual household survey on information and communication technologies.
Are brands aware of this? Do they do what is necessary to refer these people?
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5 Steps to setup Mobile Voice Services

In this post, we will reveal you the 5 key steps to set up Mobile Voice Services with a time estimate based on an 8-hour working day, the necessary budget (i.e. $0) and the actions of each party. Nothing could be easier, follow the procedure…
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How to build the use of voice?

Voice is a subject that operators have long mastered but whose value has decreased dramatically since the arrival of the Internet. Recently, Voice Assistants and Podcasters have given new perspectives to this channel but have left operators aside, while they still have solid assets to promote, particularly with Mobile Voice Services…
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An update on the regulation of Mobile Voice Services

As in all projects, it is essential to be in compliance with the law. To this end, your lawyers are essential to the implementation of Mobile Voice Services and at The Mobile Concept, we also provide our experts to assist you on this sometimes delicate subject.
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How to personalize a mobile phone with voice?

According to operator studies, the vast majority of mobile phone customers have almost the same ritual the first time they use the phone they just bought: choose their ringtone, choose their wallpaper, download their favourite applications and arrange them as they wish…
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How to boost ARPU with Mobile Voice Services?

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) has always been the leading indicator of telecom operators’ health. It represents the average revenue per customer over a given scope and period. The Mobile Concept manages to generate 30 to 40 cents of additional annual ARPU with Mobile Voice Services….
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