Data processing in Mobile Voice Services

Data processing in Mobile Voice Services

WARNING: Data is a sensitive subject!

One of the main fears of operators concerns everything related to their customers’ data. In addition to being extremely attentive to their own communication actions towards their customers, operators impose many constraints on their partners on the subject, especially when the latter are required to provide content and services directly or indirectly to their customers, and therefore by extension to collect data from their customers.

Worst, recently there has been a lot of fraud and scams on value added numbers (you only have to do a search on the Internet to find out) whose modus operandi is often the same, namely:

  • the purchase of databases or the dialling of random calls since almost all mobile phone numbers are allocated in France
  • machines that make simultaneous calls in tens or even hundreds of times
  • a message left in order to make a call back in general to a premium rate number (crooks compete in inventiveness to be convincing…)
  • a system that allows the money generated to be collected in a hidden way

Therefore, the question arises for operators to protect themselves against this type of scam in order to protect both customers, as well as yourself as the person responsible for the partners and of course the operator!

This legitimate question is something we address at The Mobile Concept with our operator partners and we invite you to discover how we work.

It’s SIMPLE: we don’t process data!

Indeed, it is that simple! At The Mobile Concept, we have decided not to collect data and therefore not to process it. We apply exactly the same constraints to the service providers with whom we work and leave it to the operators to process the data themselves!

The risk of data-leakage is fully controlled and in the hands of the operators.

All the KPIs we offer come directly from the treatments carried out by the operator, at the operator’s premises! Whether it is the frequency of use of our services, socio-demographic data or call meta data (geographical areas, times, etc.) we rely on operators to obtain this information. As a result, the risk of data-leakage is fully controlled and in the hands of operator partners.

In this way, we immediately eliminate all the problems related to data processing from a legal point of view and leave it to the operator to manage as usual.

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