23% of people in France do not have a Smartphone!

IT IS UNBELIEVABLE: but it is a reality !

The Digital Barometer 2019 is a study report produced by the French telecom regulator (ARCEP) that we regularly follow at The Mobile Concept and once again it gives us valuable information on the state of digitalization in France. 

According to the report, the “Smartphone is consolidating its position as the digital equipment of reference” and sees its equipment rate (77%) exceed that of the computer (76%) for the first time. This figure is up +2 points compared to 2018 (see our article on this link).

Although these figures are encouraging and go in the direction of digitisation, they nevertheless show that 23% of French people still do not have a Smartphone, and therefore cannot consume the services offered by the brands on this channel because they are not equipped for this.

Inequality of access to services is a subject that we at The Mobile Concept take very seriously and to which we bring a possible answer for operators and brands through the use of voice.

Our approach is to offer “web only” services, on other non-digital channels that are better adapted to reach these non-digital populations. For most of us, regular internet users, they are so useful, so easily accessible and so easily consumable that we do not see the point of having them available via other channels, or even paying for them. And for at least 23% of French people, these services remain inaccessible.

Our aim is to help operators and brands realise that there are still many people who have been left behind by digital technology, that they also need access to the same services via other channels and that they are willing to pay for it if they have the opportunity to do so.

At The Mobile Concept, we propose to study the entire portfolio of operators’ products and services and transpose them to a voice usage that allows the operator to include in its offers the populations affected by the digital divide. 

If you want to know more about our approach, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or via the form.




Sources : Digital Barometer 2019 from https://www.arcep.fr/  available here